Sold under the hammer.

There was a lovely Toys Museum somewhere in a small village of West of France… Thanks to André Poirier who decided to share with everyone the amazing collection that took him thirty five years to gather. When this passionate man passed away, his incredible collection went to auction, one of the best auction I went to.


The little room was absolutely packed! Sitting next to me, an old lady was telling me how she made six hundred kilometres for a doll house, ‘And I have no limit’ did she add with such determination. Straight away I understood that the day would be a tough battle!

Everyone was overexcited and the prices were flying high, very high! My knowledge in Antique Toys is still quite limited so I was astonished to see people spending hundreds and hundreds of euros for creepy teddy bears! Let me tell you that I wasn’t able to afford many of these amazing toys. But whatever, that was not really for the toys that I was there that day.

Here came my Holy Grail, an incredible collection of antique educative posters and school maps, more than two hundred pieces in total and all different. After a pretty intense half an hour, the most exciting hammer bang! ‘Sold, Mademoiselle, third row’. Yes, It’s me!! Clearly my personal Parisian shopping budget just got seriously dipped into, but how often do you come across such an amazing find? I couldn’t let it go.

school poster1

More than two hundred amazing prints, in very good condition for their age. All the posters have been printed between 1920 and 1965, they feature gorgeous illustrations and joyful colours. These posters were always sure to arouse kids enthusiasm in school room. They were used for all sorts of lessons. Maps for geography, botanical and animal illustrations for biology, illustrations of everyday life to learn new vocabulary, and so much more!

Today they become extremely popular to decorate kids room, but they don’t have to stay in the kids room. They look absolutely stunning framed, and are now recognise as ‘mid-century Art’.

Whatever you’re passionate about, fishing, skiing, horses, birds, bees, wines, cheese, castles, boats … You just ask, I’m pretty sure I’ll have it for you! Coming soon to the shop …

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