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Rare and collectable vintage oil painting by Kazuki Yoshioka who resides in France, see information below.

Painted in 1969 of Rue Norvins, Montmartre in Paris, with the boulangerie in the foreground, and Sacre Coeur behind the street.  This artwork is in keeping with his few other paintings of Paris at the time, with beautiful detail up the street, this is a classic scene from Montmartre.

Oil on canvas with original nails around edge of frame, with solid wood backing. Artist's name and date signed on reverse. In good condition, a few marks around edge. No significant marks on the painting.

The impressionist oil paintings of Paris and its region by Japanese born French artist Kazuki Yoshioka have a unique depth. There is nothing gentle about his brush strokes which give a unique depth, and add striking vibrancy of his colourful work. Kazuki Yoshioka was born in a suburb of Tokyo in 1946, and 19 years later he studied at the Kofukai Art Academy in Japan. In 1966 he enrolled in the National School of Beaux-Art in Paris, where he has remained to create his highly-collected art. 

Measures 24 x 33cm

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