: SOLD : 19th century Peugeot Coffee Grinder

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A beautiful 19th century coffee grinder, from 1865's by the famous Peugeot brothers. A lovely wooden piece and highly collectable, made by the same Peugeot than the one making cars today! Features a gorgeous brass plaque on the front.

Featuring a very nice and authentic patina, it would look wonderful in the kitchen on an open shelf! You could use the little drawer to hide your little treasures!

But please note that due to age this one is not suitable for coffee anymore. The inside of the mill shows a lot of rust.  Overall in very good condition for a 155 years old coffee grinder!

Some wear and tear consistent with age and use and the wood has moved with time. As shown on picture the handle has a crack and one of the back corner is separating a little bit. But it is still very solid and will last for many more moons!

This would make a wonderful gift for a coffee lovers!

Measures: 16,5 x 16,5 x 22cm tall.

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