: SOLD : Large French Grain Sack

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A large, authentic vintage grain sack from a farm in France. Made from a heavy jute weave, it has lovely purple stripes down both sides of the bag, with LHOTE a ARGENTEUIL stamped in black.

The stripes and lettering is on both sides of the sack, so you have two sides to work with. This bag could be used as a floor mat, pinboard cover, a framed piece of fabric for authentic French country decor, or as cushion covers.

It is in rustic condition - there are a few marks on the bag and a couple of holes near the edge of the sack. If using for craft projects, the edges could be trimmed.  Lots of authentic French country charm!

Found at the St-Ouen flea market in Paris.

Measures 127 x 63cm


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