Set of Vintage Kitchen Utensils

$54.00 AUD

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Gorgeous set of vintage kitchen utensils from France. Early 1900's, beautiful collectable pieces, including an old wooden paddle spoon, a vintage whisk and a vintage crème brulée burner.

The wooden spoon was used to churn the butter back in the days, it features a beautiful smooth patina.

The whisk features a lovely wooden handle, brand is engraved on the wheel. In very good vintage condition.

The third utensil was one day used to burn the sugar on top of petit four crème brulée.

They will look wonderful in the kitchen with other kitchen utensils when not in use.

Some sign of age, but only adds to the wonderful and authentic rustic charm!

Measure: Spoon: 24cm ; whisk: 31cm ; Burner: 30cm :: Price is for the set ::

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