Place des Vosges, Morning Light & Crêpes au Citron

place des vogses street sign-paris

About two hundred metres from the apartment I stayed in was Place des Vosges, possibly the most beautiful square in all of Paris. Even though it was so close by, it took me a few days to find the time to go – so early one sunny morning I headed straight there.

It was around 7:00am on a Sunday when I arrived. There was no-one to be seen.

I couldn’t quite believe this. In such a stunning place in the city, if not the world, not one Parisian was there to admire the buildings, bathed in the golden morning light? Not to mention other tourists like me. I felt quite smug about this revelation, and happily strolled about while the perimeter of the square and walkways remained empty and quiet.

After all, it’s not every day you get to say you had Place des Vosges all to yourself.

place des vosges paris walkway stone arch sunlight

morning sunlight-place des vosges-paris

place des vosges-paris-morning light

It didn’t take long though, before a handful of cafe workers started setting up wicker chairs out on the footpath, enjoying their first cigarette for the day; a truck stopping to deliver fresh bread and pastries with cheerful “Bonjour”s exchanged.. and a stern-looking lady walking her dog to share what had been my solo walk around the square.

Why are there so many serious faces in Paris? Madame, give yourself permission to smile…it’s not too shabby a place to be walking the dog on a Sunday morning!

place des vosges-spring-paris

place des vosges sun light buildings-spring-morning-paris

Although I had a large brocante market to get to that morning, Place des Vosges in the morning light was too beautiful not to savour. So I decided to sit outside at a café just opened, and have a coffee and crêpe. Place des Vosges is not the place to come for inexpensive dining. But it’s worth paying a little more for the opportunity to sit and enjoy your morning coffee, watching the sun peek through the new spring growth on the trees, and listen to the square slowly come alive for another day.

Fittingly, in such beautiful surrounds, I was served my black coffee in an elegant silver coffee pot, with French porcelain cup and saucer, and my ‘crêpe au citron’. It was incredibly thin and light, with a tart lemon sauce and candied lemon on top, finished with a dusting of icing sugar.

If you are interested in making crêpe au citron, here is an authentic recipe & cooking video, thanks to Manu Fieldel.

place des vosges spring time paris

I loved the windows of all shapes and sizes set within the slate roofs of the buildings. The red geraniums caught my eye and as I was admiring them, the windows were opened. Someone behind them enjoying the morning sun from their gorgeous apartment, sipping an espresso while reading Le Figaro perhaps?

windows apartment place des vogses-geraniums paris

The 17th century buildings surrounding the square are so majestic, I returned later that day to take a few more photos, and enjoy the gardens while having some lunch.

place des vosges architecture history-paris

Through simple experiences like these, stopping for awhile and just enjoying being a part of the city, you appreciate the atmosphere of Paris. Much more so, I think, than spending hours queuing up at tourist attractions. It’s certainly not a waste of time spending a whole afternoon at Place des Vosges!

place des vosges fountain spring

In my next post, I will be taking you on a tour of the Marché aux Puces de Vanves, a large flea market in the 14th arrondissement..


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