What makes Le Savon de Marseille so special ?


Le Savon de Marseille has been used in France for about 600 years. My great grand-mothers were using it, my grand-mothers and my mum were using it and of course I am using it. And not because I want to follow a family tradition , but simply because this is the best soap ever!

But because the appellation is not a registered trade mark, everyone can make soap called ‘Savon de Marseille’ so make sure you buy the authentic one! Our Marseille soaps are craft by the last traditional soap makers of the city of Marseille. Cooked in cauldrons respecting the centuries-old tradition to guarantee a genuine product of great quality.

The authentic Savon de Marseille is 100% natural product (sea water, vegetable oil and alkaline ash from sea plants) chemicals and preservative free, it is environment friendly and biodegrable in 28 days! But it also great for your skin. Smooth and gentle, it is hypoallergenic and recommended by dermatologists for even for the most sensitive skins.

But did you know that this soap is not only good for your skin but can pretty much be used all around your home?! Here are ten other handy uses that you might not know:

1- An amazing household cleaner: Because the Marseille soap is antibacterial, it is perfect to clean everything around the house! From your little ones’ toys to the floor. But also kitchen bench (can be used on marble), tub, sink, fixtures, etc.

2- An Ecological dishwashing liquid: In an empty bottle mix together 100g of shaved Marseille soap, 1litre of water, 1table spoon of white vinegar and 1table spoon of soda bicarb. (Using warm water to make it will help the soap to dissolve).

3- An amazing stain remover: Simply rub your humidified soap on the stain, let dry a little bit and then wash as usual. Tada!

4- An Ecological laundry liquid: In an empty bottle mix together 100g of shaved Marseille soap, 2litres of warm water, 3 table spoons of soda bicarb and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. (optional).

5- A Natural moths repellent: Simply place a small piece of Marseille soap in your wardrobe to keep the moths away!

6- A Natural insecticide: In an empty bottle mix together 20g of shaved Marseille soap and 1litre of water. Then simply spray on your plants’ leaves. This is 100% natural and can safely be used in your veggie garden too!

7- A Gentle shaving soap: Use the olive oil Marseille soap as a shaving soap, it won’t dry your skin like most of the shaving foam. No aftershave necessary.

8- A Great shampoo: Use the Marseille soap as a shampoo, it will leave your hair very soft and shiny.

9- An Ancient legs cramp remedy: Simply place a block of Marseille soap under you mattress at your feet. The potassium contained in the soap will prevent night legs cramps!

10- A natural antiseptic: Simply rub your humidified soap on small cuts to accelerate healing or on insect bites to relieve the itching!

Et voilà! So now you wonder how you did before without this soap, right?! That’s okay, you can order our beautiful and authentic Marseille soaps here!

If you know any other great and useful use of this magic soap, please leave a comment and share with us!



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